Geographic Information System Development and Applications

GIS city mapERT has a unique understanding of Federal geospatial data management systems. Our extensive experience stems from working with active installation geodatabases and our involvement in managing and updating geospatial data, data integration, documentation and model validation support for DoD, USGS, and NOAA. We collect and assist in managing and analyzing environmental data of all types. ERT performs extensive spatial data file handling; related GIS, ORACLE, SQL and Access database management; and develops software to process spatial data for the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) modeling and geolocation products. We have experience creating and populating online, searchable inventory databases for data products and records, including the web-based real-time GIS tracking of the Deepwater Horizon oil plume in 2010. ERT GIS analysts also developed numerous extensions for Google Earth and other geospatial data applications and utilize these skills in script development for Geosoft Oasis Montaj and Surfer software. Our extensive practical experience includes GIS data ingestion, manipulation, and analysis; and GIS formats and working with data structure, such as Geography Markup Language (GML). ERT currently provides the USGS Earth Observation and Science (EROS) data center with extensive geospatial data analysis support. We regularly publish GIS imagery for public use and for use in the tracking of wild fires, volcanic ash plumes, and urban development.