Geophysical Survey and Hydrogeologic Investigation

ERT was founded as a geophysical investigation firm, and remains strong in this specialty investigation area. We routinely perform geophysical detection and/or mapping of landfills, buried debris including drums and abandoned USTs, various subsurface structures, contamination plumes, karst bedrock features, and archaeological remains. We have expanded our geophysical capabilities to include unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection and characterization. We have a staff of more than 15 geophysicists, and own and maintain all of our own geophysical equipment. Technologies employed include:

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Seismic refraction/Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)
  • Electrical resistivity/Resistivity tomography
  • Magnetics/Electromagnetics
  • Natural potential surveys
  • Gravity surveys
  • Down-hole geophysics

ERT performs extensive hydrographic surveys for NOAA, NAVFAC, and other clients to include bathymetric surveys, side-scan sonar, and marine magnetic surveys. Work includes significant support to the NOAA Marine Chart Division.

Hydrogeologic Investigation: ERT staff includes industry experts in groundwater modeling. Our hydrogeologists utilize industry standard and innovative modeling tools to compile geologic and groundwater data to develop deterministic analysis of groundwater plumes, fate and transport analysis, and complex conceptual site models. The combination of strong hydrogeologic expertise and a thorough understanding of geophysical investigation tools makes ERT a leader in karst hydrogeology.