Information Technology Support

ERT's Information Technology services form the essential infrastructure for mission programs across the Government

abstract graphic of information designCloud Consulting Services

ERT, as a technology leader, has real world Federal experience in delivering hybrid cloud solutions at a large scale. While cloud solutions are not a panacea, they can bring scalability, speed of deployment, operational cost savings with no upfront capital investment; provided the as-yet murky security issues are addressed. ERT has delivered full-production hybrid cloud based services, with full ATO (FISMA Moderate), using two cloud providers. Most cloud providers and IA shops are struggling through the FISMA process for their cloud implementations. ERT has been through this, and has the processes and library of artifacts to help expedite that evolving process. When FedRAMP is in place, ERT will be ready for that, too. ERT has relationships with a number of the premier and boutique cloud providers to help deliver the optimal SaaS/PaaS/IaaS solution.

Success Story: ERT Moves NOAA to The Cloud

Chief Information Officer Advisory Services

ERT capabilities include a range of services that enable effective CIO organizations. Support services include enterprise architecture (EA), governance and change management (both technical and organizational), strategic planning, Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) compliance, as well as portfolio management and Project Management Office (PMO) services. ERT’s CIO Support Practice lead brings real world experience as a CIO for a publicly traded company and has advised CIOs across a number of agencies in long term strategy development, operations improvement, EA, etc. The team provides a range of advisory and support functions focusing primarily on Enterprise Architecture, strategy, emerging technologies, shared services and consolidation.

Software Design & Engineering

ERT delivers both mission and back-office-oriented systems architecture and design. As a company founded on supporting science, ERT delivers systems and services that meet mission needs in a Federal-centric world. The ERT approach to delivering systems from research to operations includes a variety of methodologies and tools, each of which has advantages and strengths. ERT brings the technical experience and domain knowledge to efficiently and securely apply technologies and methods such as service-oriented architectures (SOAs), web services, Agile methods, and Cloud. From development of very complex models and simulations, to visualization and complex web services, ERT is broadly expert in the transformation of data into useful and actionable information.

Service Desk and Desktop Management

ERT provides outstanding customer care and has a strong track record for the creation of support desks, transitioning of help desks, and the consolidation, transformation and/or optimization of help desks into service desks. As a result, ERT can optimize support functions tailored closely to mission needs, and deliver efficient support that meets the needs of any organization’s goals. ERT has experience with a wide array of ticketing tools and suites, and has worked with cloud, on prem, and SaaS ticketing solutions. ERT has expertise in ITIL, and has enhanced services in both general Service Desks and in very targeted Mission Support Desks.

Systems Administration & Data Center IT Support

ERT's system administration spans hands-on optimized hardware-based services to cloud- oriented services, and the hybrid solutions that bridge the two. The use of ITIL and good configuration management is merely a foundation to solid systems administration for ERT. ERT has deep understanding of current trends in data center consolidation, optimization and the most effective options to squeeze as many cycles out of every watt and square foot available. ERT supports high performance computing, parallel systems, network storage and specialized data acquisition and laboratory computers.

IT Security

ERT provides IT security services in a number of areas, particularly focused on planning, policy and compliance and is one of few companies that have successfully delivered FISMA-compliant hybrid cloud services. The drive to the cloud adds significant complexity to security architecture, monitoring, reporting, auditing and compliance, and ERT is at the forefront of that new requirement, now known as FedRAMP. ERT understands FedRAMP, a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services, and can assist government CIOs with understanding the resulting security landscape for SaaS/IaaS systems.

Database Design, Migration, O&M, Optimization and Metadata

With a strong capability in Sciences and Business oriented applications, ERT has great strength in database work. From small databases supporting micro sites, to very large Big Data implementations, ERT has expertise in all aspects of the database lifecycle. ERT, unlike many other IT firms, also has great strength and expertise in the critical area of metadata registries and repositories. ERT has launched a focus on Big Data and is developing complex models in Hadoop and other environments.