Program Support

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Program Management Support

ERT staff support multiple government customers on program management including program and project planning, scheduling and coordination.  We perform configuration management plan development and maintenance.  We provide documentation management, editing, production, and graphics development.  We also provide logistics deployment support, shipping and receiving, and facility management support.

Outreach Program Support

ERT helps customers design and implement a wide variety of outreach programs. These include advocacy initiatives; trade show and conference support; legislative affairs support ; and media relations support.

ERT works with our government customers to ensure that communities are aware of local government activities and their benefits. Outreach efforts involve events, publications, in-person briefings, and as necessary, major awareness campaigns that utilize a wide range of publicity and communication tactics. Success Story: ERT Helps Keep D.C. Residents Aware of Potential Hazards

ERT staff has specific experience in assisting government organizations with Congressional outreach programs and political analysis critical to relevant legislation. Success Story: ERT contact plan helps NMFS inform legislators

Education Program and Special Event Support

ERT assists federal organizations with educational programs. ERT staff study teaching methods and apply them to educational materials created by government customers to ensure quality, compelling materials are delivered. ERT staff deliver training programs to ensure a successful rollout of the new curricula or information. Additionally, ERT staff develop cost-effective assessment metrics and goal-specific outcomes of educational programs.

As part of strategic communications plans, ERT supports special events designed to deliver specific information to an organization’s target audiences. ERT staff develop event concepts, create logistics plans, design materials and exhibits, help publicize and implement events, and measure each event’s success. Success Story: ERT Live Interactive Broadcast Helps NOS Reach Students

Web Development and Utilization

ERT Web developers and editors architect, code, and design user-friendly Web sites with an organization’s key audiences and style guide top of mind. As a primary communication tool, it is critical for Web sites to easily and graphically convey the key messages an organization needs to share. ERT staff create external Web sites for the general public, employee-focused Intranets, and exclusive portals for employees to share sensitive data not ready for release to a wide audience. Success Story: ERT Develops and Maintains NESDIS Web sites.

Graphics Design and Standards

As part of a strategic communications program, a strong branding package is necessary to help an organization not just gain awareness, but also remain recognizable and memorable among its key audiences. ERT staff work with customers to develop consistent design concepts and graphics style standards in a variety of software applications for use on Web sites and all print and electronic materials. All design elements are created according to agency-level logo and design guidelines, and approval processes are created to ensure that once a design and templates are approved, all materials created are checked for adherence to the approved style guidelines. Software utilized is primarily the Adobe suite of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as Microsoft's Word and PowerPoint. Success Story: ERT Brands NOAA's National Ocean Service