ERT Wins Bid to Support NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory

NOAA logoOn May 18th, ERT was awarded NOAA’s Technical Environmental Support and Analysis Services (TESAS) contract. Under this blanket purchase agreement for the Air Resources Laboratory (ARL), ERT will support the activities in climate modeling, including Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) and Community Multi-scale Air Quality (CMAQ), air quality forecast system development, and data assimilation. In addition, we will retain the additional individuals necessary to support CMAQ research and development, adding future capability to serve in additional areas as work evolves.

“We are extremely pleased to be selected to expand our support for NOAA ARL in this capacity,” said Dr. Jingli Yang, ERT’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to continuing working with ARL toward achieving their mission.”

About ARL

The Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) conducts research and development in the fields of air quality, atmospheric dispersion, and climate. Key activities include the development, evaluation, and application of air quality models; improvement of approaches for predicting atmospheric dispersion of hazardous materials; and the generation of new insights into air-surface exchange and climate variability and trends.