ERT Awarded 3-Year Contract to Provide Google's Cloud-based Services for NOAA's Unified Messaging Service

ERT to Transition 25,000 NOAA Users to Google Apps for Government E-mail and Collaboration Solution

 cloud-based messaging & Google Apps for Govt.ERT, Inc. has been awarded an $11.5M, three-year task order under the NOAALink prime contract by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to migrate NOAA's email and calendaring functions to the Google Apps for Government (GAFG) cloud. In addition to modernizing NOAA's messaging infrastructure, the contract will integrate Google's collaborative tools and facilitate synchronization with mobile devices to support NOAA personnel, contractors and associates located coast to coast, on the oceans and in the air. As the largest federal agency to adopt cloud technology to date, this award demonstrates NOAA's commitment to cloud-based solutions and supports the Obama administration's direction to pursue a "Cloud First" approach.

ERT, in partnership with Google, Unisys and Tempus Nova, will migrate NOAA's 25,000 users from their current messaging systems to Google's cloud-based messaging and collaboration service by the end of the year. ERT will also provide mobile messaging services for NOAA's 3,500 BlackBerry and smart phone users. NOAA will benefit from a single, enterprise-wide service for email, calendaring, contacts, built-in voice and video chat, real-time document collaboration, and collaboration site creation. ERT's objective is to enable NOAA's highly distributed workforce to access email, documents and data from anywhere, on any internet-connected device, allowing NOAA staff to share information and ideas more easily, with greater efficiency and with significant savings over traditional server solutions.

"We have a terrific team and are looking forward to partnering with NOAA to provide leading edge technologies that will enhance teamwork and significantly improve agency-wide communication and collaboration," said Dr. Jingli Yang, ERT's Chief Executive Officer. "These new services and capabilities will enable NOAA employees to work more efficiently and productively, helping them meet their core mission of understanding and predicting the Earth's environment."