ERT Awarded OCS Project Services Support Task

ERT has been awarded a task to provide project support services to the Office of Coast Survey (OCS). OCS is the nation’s nautical chart maker, collecting, managing, and compiling the data and information necessary to maintain the national suite of 1,000 nautical charts. The resulting coastal maps and vector shoreline series and historic maps and charts support commercial shipping, the fishing industry, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard operations, state and local governments, GIS users, and recreational boaters throughout the United States.

Under this task, ERT will provide support to the Navigation Services Division—the outreach and emergency response arm of OSC—with tasks that include sonar studies to keep port nautical charts up to date; responding to emergencies and disasters, such as oil spills and hurricanes; and on-scene port and shore support. Additional support for OCS includes modeling of storm surge magnitude and contaminant tracking, developing enhanced hydrographic survey techniques, and maintaining maritime boundary data. ERT will work within the Coast Survey Development Laboratory to develop improved tools and procedures that will enhance OCS’ capability to perform its mission, and maintain and add to OCS’ inventory of products and services.

Also under this contract, is the oversight of the internship program. One of the objectives under this contract is to offer internships to all four divisions of the OCS. The interns are given a broad overview of the technology and procedures used to generate our nation’s navigational products along with the opportunity to work with various experts in the fields of hydrography, cartography, oceanography, and/or IT. ERT will be directly responsible for ensuring the accuracy, timeliness and completion of all tasks under the purview of the interns.