ERT to Manage NFPLRS for the NMFS OSF

ERT has been selected by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Sustainable Fisheries (OSF) to provide operations and maintenance support services for the National Fishing Permits and Landings Reporting System (NFPLRS). ERT will host, operate, and maintain several Web sites associated with the system including those for public and administrative use, inquiry, and fulfillment.


The NFPLRS is a government-owned, web-based system and call center designed for the issuance of approximately 40,000 annual fishing permits, collection of fees, tournament registration, and collection and recording of landings information for Atlantic HMS fisheries, which range from Maine to Texas, including the Caribbean and high seas. The Web, interactive voice recognition (IVR), and call center/customer service are major components of the NFPLRS.