ERT Awarded CO-OPS Water Level Processing Interface 2.0

The WALI 1.0 application, placed in production in late 2012, provides CO-OPS and their contractors the capability to load water level data into the CO-OPS database and to process the data according to established specifications using CO-OPS-provided programs. The application provides for reporting, plotting, analyzing, and processing the collected measurement data.


As the incumbent developer of the WALI 1.0 service, ERT is uniquely qualified—with deep knowledge of the inputs, environment, and service—to continue the work into the next phase of evolution. WALI 1.0 was delivered using ERT’s hybrid Agile-waterfall method, tailored to the specific needs of CO-OPS. In delivering WALI 1.0, the team achieved very high metrics of success. Under WALI 2.0, ERT will add many new enhancement features to the WALI application.