ERT Awarded NOAA NESAA Services Contract

ERT has been awarded the NOAA Enterprise Security Assessment and Authorization (NESAA) services contract for NOAA OCIO’s Cyber Security Division (CSD).


The CSD is responsible for ensuring NOAA programs and operations are able to make full and appropriate use of information assets. The CSD places high priority on information technology (IT) security, critical protection, and Homeland Security to guarantee NOAA maintains integrity and continuing operations for NOAA systems, data, products, and services. Under the NESAA contract, a centralized Program Management Office (PMO) will be implemented, which will support all participating NOAA security stakeholders. ERT will assess the security controls on the National Ocean Service’s 10 FISMA information systems to determine the extent to which the controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired outcome with respect to meeting the security requirements for the system.


The contract has an 9-month base period of performance with three 1-year options.