ERT’s Joan McFarland Named OSPO Outstanding Team Member of the Month

Photo of Joan McFarland

ERT congratulates Joan McFarland for earning the June 2018 Outstanding Team Member of the Month Award from NOAA’s Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO). McFarland, the lead technical writer on the Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking (SARSAT) program, is being recognized as the “unifying force” for three recent major projects beyond the scope of her normal portfolio - all of which directly impacted the lifesaving capacity of the SARSAT system.

McFarland’s contributions include modifications to the SARSAT documents library resulting in increased operational capacity and the ability for controllers on the operations floor to locate Standard Operating Procedures; refined implementation of the emergency locator transmitter decal on pilots’ dashes; and polishing touches to the policy for non-distress transmissions of 406 MHz beacons, enabling both SAR responders and the public to clearly understand their roles in the system. All three accomplishments are directly linked to the reduction of false alerts and the protection of SAR forces and Americans in distress, prompting the following statement on McFarland’s nomination form, “Her unifying force, contributions, and support have proven to be vital to the forward leaning stance of the SARSAT program. She is a dedicated,reliable and results driven employee who significantly impacts the SARSAT mission on a daily basis.”

The recipient of OSPO’s Outstanding Team Member of the Month Award is selected by an internal awards committee and announced in an email to the entire staff.