ERT Staff Recognized by NOAA Fisheries

ERT congratulates Tanushri Banerjee, Tehseen Khokhar, Dhanalaxmi Kotla, and Bruce Sailer for their continuing development and roll out of the Research Publication Tracking System (RPTS) for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The team received certificates of recognition during the Office of Science and Technology (OST) All Hands meeting on July 18, 2018. Signed by Dr. Franklin Schwing, Chief of the Science Information Division, and Dr. Ned Cyr, Director, OST, the certificates read, “In recognition of your leadership in developing and implementing the Research Publication Tracking System across the NMFS enterprise.”

 Dhanalaxmi Kotla, Bruce Sailer, Tehseen Khokhar, and Tanushri BanerjeeAwardees are shown from left to right, along with ERT colleague and part-time RPTS developer Sofia Rearden (center): Dhanalaxmi Kotla, Bruce Sailer, Tehseen Khokhar, and Tanushri Banerjee.

All four ERT employees provide full-time support to NMFS OST and are based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The RPTS is a centralized, database-driven, web-based application designed to track the progress of research publications from creation through publication. Development of RPTS adheres to policy guidelines published by the NOAA Research Council requiring the adoption of a common set of standards for the review and approval of research publications, as well as development of a method for tracking the publication of new research.