Two ERT Employees Honored with 1st Annual Habitatys Awards

ERT congratulates Alex Atkinson and Cassie Lovall, winners of the new Habitaty peer award from the NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation. There are seven distinct categories of this award, each named after a type of habitat and designated for a specific characteristic or achievement.

photo of Alex AtkinsonAtkinson, a Marine Habitat Conservation Specialist supporting OHC/Habitat Protection in Silver Spring, Maryland, was awarded the Shallow Coral Reef award for being well-rounded.  Her nomination form stated, “Alex has stepped up to a diverse array of tasks and is doing so skillfully. She has served in several different roles for the Habitat Focus Areas, provided interim support to the National Habitat Leadership Team, worked on aspects of hydro and National Fish Habitat Partnership, and filled in for communications responsibilities. Alex was praised for being highly productive, knowing how to balance brainstorming and getting work done, and doing it all with an upbeat and easygoing personality.”

photo of Cassie LovallLovall, a Marine Habitat Restoration Specialist supporting the OHC/Restoration Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, received the Deep-sea Coral award for being new and innovative. Her nomination stated, “Cassie is a relatively new ‘discovery’ for OHC, having joined the office just over two years ago. She is willing and able to problem solve and find solutions, for (she) cares so much about her projects and partners and is always able to handle what’s going on. Cassie will not rest until she considers problems creatively from every angle.”

Both ladies received a certificate and the honor of displaying a habitat-inspired trophy at their workspace for a year.