ERT on Winning Team for NWFSC Scientific Data Management Support Contract

Technical and Engineering Support Alliance, LLC (TESA) has been awarded the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) Operations, Management, and Information (Division) (OMI) Scientific Data Management (SDM) Support contract.


Under this contract, TESA—a joint venture between ERT and Tech Global, Inc.—will develop and support new applications while maintaining more than a dozen existing custom-built applications for a variety of customers. TESA will provide technical expertise and professional services in the full life cycle of application development, data management, quality management, security management, user support, and related documentation in support of NWFSC projects related to scientific, educational, regulatory, and policy making activities.


The NWFSC studies living marine resources (e.g., salmon, groundfish, and killer whales) and their habitats in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, primarily off the coast of Washington and Oregon and in freshwater rivers and streams in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The SDM team provides tools and knowledge to help research staff accomplish information management goals including database design, data management and dissemination, metadata creation, and application development.