Data Science and Analytics

ERT has extensive experience in data science and data analytics support for NOAA and NASA science missions. Our expertise includes science data acquisition, ingest, archive, discovery and access, visualization, and analytics. 

  • Data Acquisition: ERT performs historical climate data network operations and maintenance and airborne and coastal data acquisition, including operating airborne instruments and survey vessels and various sensors.
  • Data Ingest: ERT staff provide climatic, coastal, and geophysical data ingest and quality control, airborne and satellite remote sensing data ingest, metadata content development, and catalog system development capabilities.
  • Data Archive: We provide communication and coordination with data providers for data collection, operations, and maintenance of scientific data (including climatic, coastal, and geophysical data) archiving.
  • Data Discovery and Access: ERT performs system architecture and data discovery and access tool development for climatic, coastal, oceanic, and geophysical data products as well as operations and maintenance services for data discovery and access systems.
  • Data Visualization: Development and operations of Web-based data (including climatic, oceanic, and geophysical measurement data, modeling data, airborne and satellite data) visualization tools and systems.
  • Data Analytics: Scientific data analysis for monitoring and quality control. Customer engagement plan development and implementation, conducting engagement activities, customer engagement analytics and case studies.