Modeling and Analysis

ERT has multidisciplinary expertise in Earth and Space science modeling and analysis. Our scientists and engineers develop, apply, and streamline research to operations transition of various scientific models for different government agencies. 

  • Atmospheric Modeling: We conduct modeling and analysis of atmospheric dispersion in the boundary layer, and enhance and apply atmospheric modeling and data assimilation of air quality and emissions forecasting.
  • Coastal Ocean Modeling: We develop hydrodynamic tidal models for U.S. coastal and estuarine waters, and perform storm surge modeling for tropical and extra-tropical cyclones.
  • Hydrological Modeling: We evaluate and analyze the quality of hydrological models for short-range, medium-range, and long-range streamflow forecasting.
  • Space Weather Modeling: Our staff develop and improve existing space environment specifications, algorithms, and prediction models with both emerging and traditional ionosphere sounding sources.
  • Research to Operations Transition: ERT transitions multiple Earth science and space weather models from research to operations using a system science approach.