IT and Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

ERT has extensive experience with enterprise software development, maintenance and enhancement (DME) and expertise in adapting various software development methodologies to provide our clients with efficient, secure, and reusable applications optimized to meet their mission objectives.

Full software development lifecycle capabilities:  ERT is experienced in optimizing the benefits of using various development methodologies from classical waterfall to Agile including Scrum, Kanban, or SAFe. With all development methodologies, we ensure user requirements are captured accurately and traceable throughout the development and test cycles, and we tailor agile management techniques into all processes – delivering customer results sooner.

Agile DevSecOps: ERT provides expertise in implementing Agile DevSecOps methodologies and infrastructure to streamline Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) deployments, and integrate strong software security throughout the development, test and deployment process – providing customers with seamless end-to-end software services to address their mission application needs.

Data Management: ERT tailors our data lifecycle management best practices to manage on-premise and cloud-based databases and data repositories that scale to dozens of petabytes. Our design, development, and management expertise spans traditional relational database and NoSQL to Big Data and data-as-a-service platforms. Our full lifecycle approach ensures data quality and integrity, accessibility and availability for both transactional and analytical data systems – enabling customers to make data-driven mission decisions with confidence.