TESA (a joint venture between ERT and TechGlobal, Inc.) has been awarded the ASDT and CHPS Support Services contract, serving NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS). The task will provide system analysis and software engineering support for the design, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and support of AWIPS and CHPS capabilities. AWIPS support services will support OCP’s AWIPS Software Development Team (ASDT), and the CHPS support services will support OCP’s Operations and Maintenance support team. The objective is mature functionality successfully integrated into the AWIPS baseline repository. 

The NWS Office of Water Prediction (OWP), in coordination with the other NWS offices, fielded the Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS) on AWIPS at the NWS’s 13 River Forecast Centers (RFCs) to perform the flood and water resources modeling and forecasting services. CHPS—a commercial software infrastructure component—incorporates significant hydrometeorological functions developed by the NWS and third parties. These functions provide a robust, operational, real-time hydrologic forecast system. CHPS is a major component within AWIPS.