ERT is proud to announce our second award for Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Scientific Support Services in support of NOAA’s National Weather Service/National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

The CPC’s mission is to deliver real-time products and information that predict and describe climate variations on timescales from weeks to years, thereby promoting effective management of climate risk and a climate-resilient society.

ERT earned ‘High Confidence’ ratings for both our technical approach and our staffing plan. The win is not only a demonstration of NOAA’s confidence in ERT’s in-depth understanding of CPC’s mission and vision, but also a testament of our scientific team’s dedication to exceed the Government’s needs.

Our staff will continue to provide expertise in support of improving sub-seasonal and seasonal predictions and products, improving and managing the monitoring of datasets, and delivering outreach to CPC stakeholders.

This 5-year contract will start on July 1st.